chedlin aChedlin's testimony:

My name is Chedlin Justinvil. I am the Director of the Yahve-Jire Children Foundation. I was married in March of 2009. My wife, Sophia, and I are Christians and we love the Lord with all our hearts. We are so dedicated to the lord and our plan is to study the Bible in order to be more efficient in the works we are doing for the well being of the poor children in Haiti.

I was from a poor family of 7 kids, five boys and 2 girls, I am the oldest. A missionary from the US took me in his charge, he supported me from High school to college and I got an architecture degree. With the education I have, I support 3 of brothers and sister in college. Now 4 of us are working and are taking care of our 3 younger brothers and sisters and our parents as well.

That Missionary changed my life and I am trying to change the life of many others. Please help us to realize these projects so that other children can change life of their neighbors.

Thanks in advance and may God put his blessings one you.